DIY Dance Floors for Home Weddings

DIY Dance Floors for Home Weddings

Regina Yunghans
Jun 18, 2013

When you're having a wedding at home, making room for a dance floor can be a challenge. At my own home wedding, both my husband and I were such scaredy cats when it came to dancing that we skipped it altogether. And do you know what? That is the one detail I wish I could change: provide a dance floor for my guests to get down even if I wasn't planning on it myself. So, if you're throwing a wedding at home and want to dance (or want everyone else to be able to!), here are some ideas.

Whether you're decorating an existing surface like a concrete driveway (as in the image above) or assembling your own wooden dance floor, there are lots of ways to dance the night away without being in a ballroom. Some other ideas, not pictured:

  • Use a patio or deck in the case of a backyard reception.
  • Clear all the furniture from the living room (or whichever is the largest room in the house). Also, don't be afraid to have dancing (albeit slow and laid back) near or intermingled with tables at a small reception for a relaxed and intimate atmosphere.

(Images: Southern Weddings, Elizabeth Anne Designs, Melissa via Hitched in the Hood)

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