DIY Decor Trend: Coiled Bowls, Vases, Baskets & Other Vessels

DIY Decor Trend: Coiled Bowls, Vases, Baskets & Other Vessels

Dabney Frake
Sep 25, 2013

I have a feeling that making coiled vessels is like potato chips and tattoos; once you've tried it, there's no stopping at just one. Which is no terrible thing, because these are endlessly handy and cute. What can't you throw in them? Cotton balls, fruit, laundry, pencils, keys... you can also vary things up a little with different techniques and materials.

Here are a few folks that have tried the project, and shared their process and finished products.

1. Learn to hand stitch rope coil vessels with this how-to from the Red Thread.
2. If you like a more more rustic or organic look, check out Ceci Bean's for inspiration.
3. Kate did a color blocked version for Design Sponge, using an on-trend neon pink thread.
4. The Work is Getting to Me shows more baskets, also in neon, but also experiments with interesting shapes.
5. Lucy of Craftberry Bush was inspired by an Anthropologie product and wrapped rope to some very similarly colorful ones.

6. Fabric coils can also be sewn into a bowl like this one from Childerhouse Blog, using a tutorial from Craft Stylish.
7. A Pair and a Spare loosely added splatter paint before sewing hers up. </