DIY Decor Trend: Hama Bead Crafts

Do you all remember Hama (or perler) beads from your youth? The ones you melted together as a quick, easy hobby? Recently I've seen an upsurge in DIY craft projects made out of these bright, large, and colorful beads from back in the day. Today's iterations vary from cute to downright beautiful — something I didn’t think was possible from grade school crafts. Here are some favorites:

1. Above, a bead pattern by graphic designer Kathrine Højriis, inspired by cross stitch and heraldic patterns. As seen on Lisbeth's living room wall. It's also totally possible to do yourself, as seen here.

2. Beautifully patterned coasters in pink, orange and gray, from Stjernepels.

3. Elisabeth Dunker of Fine Little Day has a collection of baskets made from beads.

4. Marie’s Factory strung some bead triangles on a tree branch for a striking piece of organic-meets-plastic art.

5. Minieco got in on the act and made some beads into a colorful votive cozy.

6. Artist Cilla Ramnek makes beautiful patterns out of hama beads, which become great wall art.

7. Majoca shared this bold Marimekko-inspired pattern on Instagram.

8. Blitsy Craft shows you how to make a perler bead bowl.

9. This tray from Crafts Unleashed was made for Valentine’s Day but I think it carries over into the rest of the year just fine.

10. 14m Neon shared this super cute robot outlet decoration.

(Image credits: Leizy B; Stjernepels; Fine Little Day; Marie's Factory; Minieco; Fine Little Day; Majoca; Blitsy Crafts; Crafts Unleashed; 14m Neon)