DIY Dress Up Busy Book


Need just a few seconds to go to the bathroom in peace? If you've got an older baby or toddler around, what you need is a busy book, or a quiet book. Most of you are probably familiar with the idea: an age-appropriate, safe activity book that will keep a little one occupied for a few minutes. Randi over at Swoon created her own book out of felt, with a clever little twist.

Many quiet books have tactile activities, like lifting flaps, zipping pieces, or buttoning. Randi's creation, though, allows her daughters to dress the little animals on each page in different outfits that she's created. Apparently it's going over very well since she's planning on making a second to avoid the fights over who gets to play.

Find her instructions and downloadable templates at Swoon.

(Image: Randi at Swoon)

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