Summer seems to be the season for moving, and with all the purging that so many people have going on, there are lots of opportunities to pick up some great furniture for little to no money if you are trying to add some much needed storage to your home. Of course, many of these pieces have been abandoned for a reason, but if you find a piece with good structure and lines that you love, here are some inspirational dresser makeovers from our archives to help you turn your piece from trash to treasure.

  • Sarah used latex paint and a custom glaze on a flea market dresser to create a one of a kind country inspired piece.
  • Veronica used yellow paint on a roadside find on this dresser destined for a children's room.
  • Daniel transformed a nightstand he found on the street into the base of a fabulous mid-century inspired desk.
  • Kate took bland and inexpensive dressers from IKEA and using some dark stain and white paint created two showstopping nightstands.
  • Christine saw the potential in this tired dresser, and used SoyGel and a lot of elbow grease to transform it into a piece that matches her dark and modern bedroom.
  • Shauna used an IKEA dresser as the base for a glamorous makeover into a fabulous mirrored piece fit for a Hollywood Regency bedroom.
  • Back before I started writing for Apartment Therapy, I used Restor-a-Finish and Feed-n-Wax to revitalize two tired Craigslist dressers into nightstands for my high antique bed.