DIY Dryer Sheets

DIY Dryer Sheets

Jen DeRose
Feb 4, 2009

We posted about making your own dryer sheets before, but we think we might like this way even better. It doesn't use any chemicals or heavy liquids...

Dryer sheets contain chemicals known to be harmful, including the carcinogen chlorform, but are FDA approved because those chemicals are only worn next to the skin--not ingested.

Here's how to make your own so that you don't have static cling--but you do have peace of mind:

1. Get a small cloth bag. Ones with a drawstring work best, but if you don't have one, you can always just loop a string around it a couple of times to seal it off.

2. Fill the bag with dried herbs such as lavender.

3. You can also put a couple of drops of essential oil and vinegar on a clean cloth or piece of scrap fabric.

4. Toss in the dryer with the wet clothes!

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