Look! Egg Carton Lamp

Via Addicted2Decorating

102108-eggcartonlamp01.jpgYesterday, we posted about paper lanterns with a link to a DIY over on ATSF that suggested how to make one yourself. Today, while surfing, we noticed this lamp over at Addicted2Decorating. While at first glance, it resembles a tight cluster of lilacs, a closer look revealed it to be made from egg cartons...

It reminded us both of the eggcrate Dancer lamp we posted about during ICFF, that we were drawn to both for its beauty and for the way that it repurposed an object that would otherwise be discarded as trash and of the eggcrate chandelier at the end of Kristin's post on Junk Chandeliers. Is this a trend in the making? Click here for instructions.