DIY Embroidered Birth Announcements

DIY Embroidered Birth Announcements

Tammy Everts
Aug 2, 2010

Whether you're in that endless final trimester and looking for a fun (but not too labor-intensive) project, or trying to find the perfect gift for a friend who's expecting, these DIY embroidered card kits fit the bill. Best of all, they're so easy, even beginners can do them.

Each kit actually contains five different patterns, but no doubt you can custom order a set of just the adorable "oh baby" versions pictured here. Just contact the seller to confirm.

The cards measure 5.5" by 4.25" and are made from recycled paper with a subtle woven texture and matching envelopes. Each kit includes card templates, envelopes, needle and embroidery floss, instructions, and zip-lock bag organizer.

$20 for set of 5 cards at Curious Doodles

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