DIY Entryway Storage: Colorful Crates

DIY Entryway Storage: Colorful Crates

Kristen Lubbe
Jul 27, 2011

Entryways can be tricky to figure out. It seems as though it's either too much undefined space or just not enough floor area to create a really usable, organized entry space. There's always a list of things we want out of the entryway and it usually takes a whole lot of creativity to make it happen.

Sometimes the best solutions are the most obvious and that's exactly what Thea realized. Wooden flower boxes and/or crates are a dime a dozen in most cities and very easy to get your hands on. They also happen to be really light weight, so they're easy to hang on the wall without worry.

She simply painted each box a different pastel color and arranged them in different directions on the wall. The purpose was to house all of the family members' different shoes and scarves — but could really work for anything! She even hung a box vertically to accomodate tall leather boots!

We really like the look and vibe these hung boxes creates because it's not only fun but functional, too!

Check out the full post on Thea's project over at her blog: Thea's Mania

Images: Thea's Mania

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