DIY Failures and Embarrassments: What Did You Learn?

DIY Failures and Embarrassments: What Did You Learn?

Cambria Bold
Sep 20, 2011

For every successful DIY and handmade project splashed across the front page of a blog, there are just as many (if not more) secret failures and disasters. See exhibit A: Salvaged-wood-pile-intended-for-super-awesome-handbuilt-bed-frame = wobby, hacked together eyesore that even a bedskirt can't hide. See exhibit B: Super cool wall mural painted in an arresting array of ocean life colors = a display that's more murky waters than oceanic glory. Have you had a DIY fail? Tell us!

We know you're out there! Tell us what disastrous projects you've undertaken, and what you learned? Did you give up? Did you fix it? Did you try again? What did you learn and what words of wisdom would you give to others undertaking the same thing?

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(Image: Vacuuming in High Heels and Pearls, who had her own DIY mishap with a red chair.)

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