Online Resources for Making Your Own Flashcards

Online Resources for Making Your Own Flashcards

Richard Popovic
Aug 2, 2011

Making flashcards is a rite of passage for any student trying to retain large chunks of knowledge, be it multiplication tables, state capitals or parts of the body in Latin. While we feel every kid should go through the process armed with nothing more than a fresh stack of index cards and a marker (it builds character), there are certainly more efficient ways to get them made these days. Indeed, the very ones your child needs may already be out there, waiting to be used.

There are a number of very good online flash card generators that not only allow you to create your own flashcards but supply a library of excellent pre-made ones. Quizlet is an easy-to use and comprehensive site, boasting over 6 million sets of flash cards on every topic imaginable as well as games and quizzes. Flashcard Machine and Flashcard Exchange also have huge flashcard libraries, with over 40 million cards and counting. All three of these sites have a mobile app so your little scholar can study on the go.

Finally, KitzKikz is not a specific flashcard site, more a repository of a programmer's projects, but one of those projects is a flashcard generator that can convert your text into QR code, a cutting-edge study aide that may tempt even the most jaded student.

(Image 1 by Flickr member susivinh licensed for use under Creative Commons. Image 2 by Flaschcard apps)

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