DIY Fluorescent Diffuser Chandelier

Sarah M. Dorsey Designs

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We've featured Sarah Dorsey's projects before, here and here, so her creativity and resourcefulness shouldn't surprise anyone. She recently posted another upcycling project that's remarkable, not just in its similarity to the original inspiration, but also for the material she used to build it. Sarah had the Lolita chandelier above (designed in all its candy-colored, sculptural glory by Susan Hornbeak-Ortiz) in mind for her project. Click to see Sarah's version.  

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Sarah says:

Walking through our local Habitat ReStore, I spotted a few egg crate diffusers - you know, those grates that cover fluorescent lights in basements across the country. It's the last lighting fixture I would consider for a project, but once I got around my thoughts of drop ceilings, I began thinking how neat it would be to use the grid to create any square geometric shape that I wanted. At $2 each, what could I lose?

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Sarah cut out the shapes she wanted from the diffuser, and then filled them with plaster of paris to create the arms of the lamp. Pretty clever, huh? For the full tutorial, including photos and lots of helpful diagrams, head over to Sarah's blog.

Lovely work, Sarah — and thanks for sharing it with the rest of us!

(Images: S.H.O.; Sarah M. Dorsey Designs)

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