Delightful DIY: Colorful Paper Lanterns

Delightful DIY: Colorful Paper Lanterns

Jessica Tata
Jul 21, 2011

I am always on the hunt for affordable DIY projects that I feel like I'll have the ability and patience to accomplish. This is definitely one of them! Not to mention, the outcome is a gorgeous colorful paper lantern fit for either a dining room or a patio!

Leave it to Martha Stewart to have the best DIY projects around, and to make them seem possible in about an hour! I don't even care that she probably has a team the size of a small nation's army coming up with these ideas.

This particular project is really as easy as it seems! The proof is in the pudding: there aren't really even any instructions, just a set of photos that prove that it's as simple as taping circles of tissue paper to an existing lantern. It's actually fun to see the progression of the lantern as the pieces are added.

I'll file this project under "Things I Wish I Came Up WIth On My Own."

Check out the full project details on Martha Stewart: Make It: Paper Lanterns.

Images: Martha Stewart

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