If you're fond of an industrial aesthetic and are up for some DIY construction, you might want to consider putting together one of these custom desk/shelving units made from aluminum piping, pipe fittings, and laminate boards...

Simplified Building Concepts: this custom computer desk and shelf was built with Kee Lite pipe fittings and pipe. The shelves and desk top were made from a pressed laminate and cut to fit into the desk outline.

The desk hides a pair of additional surface features: a swing out lap desk surface, alongside a fold out surface which nearly doubles the usable desk space, complete with a monitor wall mount. If you're interested in piecing together a similar setup, Simplified Building has listed the exact parts and quantity for DIY.

Similarly, a stairway shelving and TV entertainment center was fashioned from floor to ceiling inside an upstairs office.

This is a home entertainment center and shelving for dvds and cds also serving as a railing for the basement stairs all made with recycled aluminum 1 inch electrical pipes cleaned and polish. The tv and speaker supports are fixed with U bolts. The ceiling was re-enforced with 2x6 before the gypsum was installed.

No parts list for this one, but you can see further description/photos over at Space Saving Stairway Shelving and TV Mounting System.

Images: Simplified Building Concepts