DIY: Hoodie Laptop Sleeve

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We wouldn't consider ourselves the Paris Hilton of Tech, but we find that our laptops, like her chihuahuas, are always getting new clothes to wear. We just always seem to buy laptop sleeves, or we find great ways to make new ones. Take this laptop hoodie from TabLeft at Instructables...

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TabLeft warns not to be intimidated by the fact that this involves sewing. Apparently, the little stitching that is involved is pretty foolproof. Also, feel free to adorn your laptop hoodie with patches for your favorite bands or political statements. It seems like the perfect match for such a punky laptop.

You will need:

  • An old hoodie

  • Scissors

  • Something to mark with

  • A sewing machine (or the appropriate hand sewing skills) and needle and thread

  • A ruler or straight edge

  • Pins

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