DIY Idea: Dress Up Your Hostess Gift with Simple, Hand Printed Paper

Swoon Paper Studio

If you're looking for a way to dress up a hostess gift when attending a holiday party this year, try this fun and easy way to make the gift that much more special by wrapping it in hand decorated paper. Randi from Swoon Paper Studio shows how to use items you already have around the house to make a festive wrapping paper.

Randi explains:

I selected a few small things to send to a faraway friend before realizing I somehow have no wrapping paper, bags, or boxes in this house (a rare thing!). Yesterday everyone was calm enough to allow me a tiny sliver of time to create — and I used it to get on the floor with some pieces of plain brown packing paper, a pencil eraser, and a black ink pad. So simple, fun, and addicting! If I had been able to locate my exacto I could've changed things up by cutting the eraser into a triangle or something similar.

For the full instructions, check out Hand-Stamped Wrapping Paper on Swoon Studio.

(Images: Swoon Studio)