(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Even if your budget for artwork is slim, you don't need to sacrifice having a piece that adds impact and personality to your home. If you want to update your walls but don't have much to spend, Catherine Davis of Design Editor has a DIY tip that fits the bill.

Catherine explains:

This photo enlargement cost me $3.29!

I've seen the idea to get oversized black and white images printed for cheap at copy shops and wanted to try it. Since this is for my home office, I decided to go with something more graphic versus family photos. I looked around, took a few shots of my beloved camera collection, and boom! I'm crazy about the results!

I got my printing done at Staples and asked for an engineering print. It's low quality imaging on super thin paper, but I have zero complaints.

Find the full instructions at Cheap Photo Enlargement: Design Editor.

(Image: Design Editor)