DIY Idea: Make a Miniblind Lamp

DIY Idea: Make a Miniblind Lamp

Cambria Bold
Feb 20, 2009

We loved the idea behind this Miniblind Lamp from RePlayGround. Made out of discarded miniblinds, metal, and a pendant light fixture, what was once sterile and boring suddenly becomes something very modern and cool.

From RePlayGround: Dawn [the name of the lamp] is an environmentally conscious lamp. She not only references nature in her sunny shape and color, she is also made from recycled miniblinds. The idea came from thinking about discarded miniblinds and, if reincarnated, what their next life would resemble. In their first life they were used to block out natural light and could expand and collapse. Here, in their new life, they selectively block out and let in artificial light.

GreenUpgrader has some insights on how to go about this DIY, so check it out.

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