(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Remodelista recently posted these beautiful antiqued mercury glass cylinder pendants that are installed on the rooftop lounge at the Thompson Hotel, also available by special order. They reminded us of a recent, and much more cost effective, do-it-yourself project that we saw from Martha Stewart.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
While there is no denying that those cylinder pendants are beautiful, they will set you back from between $520 to $720 a pop. Martha Stewart Living's January Issue featured an easy DIY to make mercury glass vases. We think with a little revamping, these vases could easily be transformed into pendant lights.

Using mirror paint and a spray bottle with water, vases and glass candle holders quickly became antiqued mercury glass. With a pendant lamp kit and a glass pendant cover, we think one should be able to recreate the feel of Rogan's cylinder pendants for a fraction of the cost.

Any other ideas for fun ways to repurpose this easy DIY?

Via: Remodelista and Martha Stewart Living