(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
If you are looking for a cheerful way to add color to an end table or desk but shy away from breaking out the paint, this DIY idea for a bold striped table might be the perfect project. Elise of the design blog Enjoy It includes step-by-step photos in an easy DIY tutorial.

Elise explains:

I just taped long strips and wrapped them around the edges. I added a few extra strips of color at places where I felt like an extra color was needed. When I had all the colored tape on there, as an extra precaution, I secured them to the underside of the desk with some clear packing tape. This was absolutely a "stick with it" (no pun intended) project. About a quarter of the way through, it looked so stupid and I worried I was wasting time and money. By the end, I was obsessed.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Her final result transforms an inexpensive IKEA table into a unique piece.

Find the full instructions at Enjoy It: just for fun / taped work table.

(Images: Elise Blaha)