DIY Inspiration: Colorfully Upholstered Folding Chairs

At just under $200 each at Anthropologie, we think that these folding chairs might be a good candidate for a budget-saving diy project. We like the look - they are colorful, a bit rustic, and would add a sense of style to the extra seating for your next party...

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We especially like them mismatched - a grouping of a few different styles together adds to the eclectic, patchwork feel.

It seems like a fairly simple diy consisting of adding a well stuffed padded seat and a lightly padded square back panel to a simple folding chair. We found some inexpensive wooden seats here (4 for $143) that might work as a base. Has anyone attempted a similar project?

Chairs shown from Anthropologie: Top pic, left to right: Cleopatra, Asian, Floral Tapestry
Bottom pic, left to right: Floral Stripe, Zigzag

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