DIY Jute Table Runner

Tara Dennis

When moving into a new place I like to get settled as quickly as possible so I can fast forward to inviting friends and family over to celebrate the new space. It's not as if I go completely out of my way to spruce up the place but it's nice to create a casual table(scape) to make it seem extra special.

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Luckily, in this case, what appears to be above and beyond is actually relatively easy and inexpensive. Jute webbing is a staple in gardening - you can pick up a roll for about $10 and you'll have plenty to make a table runner and place mats!

Tara Dennis created detailed instructions on how to make your very own jute table runner and I think it's the perfect addition to any table while the summer months are still going strong. All you need is jute webbing, a hot glue gun and a sewing machine. The entire project is so simple and will take less than an afternoon to complete!

Check out the detailed (and easy!) instructions at Tara Dennis.

Images: Tara Dennis