DIY Kid's Chalkboard Table

Chalkboard tables are a favourite of kids and parents alike, because who doesn't like chalkboard doodling? Online children's decor retailer modernseed carries the wonderful Offi Chalkboard table for your mini Marc Chagall in the making. But the $249 might be a little tough on the wallets of those parents watching their budget (aka 99% of you out there).

So why not take the DIY budget route by combining a $11.99 bucket of Studio Finishes Chalkboard Paint with a $69 POÄNG table from IKEA to make your own version of the kid artist friendly furniture. And since the IKEA set includes a pair of nesting tables, lil' Timmy's younger sister can have her own canvas too, keeping them busy while you happily budget away the $169 for a much deserved vacation.