DIY Kitchen Pegboard iPad Holder

The iPad may be overhyped in many regards, but where the device does truly aid is in the kitchen. Where once cooks balanced laptops, strained at iPhone screens, or referred to bulky cookbooks, many tech-savvy users are introducing the touchscreen device into their everyday kitchen workflow as an easy to use kitchen aid. But where to put it without risking damaging it? Reader Garrett Tillman sent us his DIY savvy solution…

I've been seeing a lot of pegboards on Apartment Therapy lately, and wanted to throw my own fun variation into the mix. I made an iPad holder for my new Pegboard.
When I went to install a pegboard in my kitchen, I figured I'd have it double as a kitchen home for my iPad. The iPad is a great kitchen accessory, but trying to keep it away from all my spills and messes has been a challenge. I created this cool, out-of-the-way spot for it to live when its telling me how to cook.
I put up a pegboard in my kitchen and made an iPad holder for it. You guys, this is a big deal. I can now watch my NetFlixx-ed Julie & Julia movie while I make aspic and chop onions (I should probably stop watching this movie). I posted the instructions to both the pegboard an the iPad holder to Instructables. You’re all welcome over later for cookies and margaritas.