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If, like so many of us, you are a cat owner, you have probably tried all manner of litter options in order to determine the best value/usage/environmentally-conscious combo. A few years ago Allie at The Greenists explored this eco alternative, and it’s practically free!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Inspired by products already on the market, she started off with plain old shredded newsprint, but a concern for ink transfer and the tracking issues that came it left her unsatisfied. Troubleshooting ensued. A special recipe including warm water, biodegradable dish soap and baking soda created the kitty litter she had been looking for (and a weekend project for yours truly).

All you need to make a 2-3 week supply can be found around the house, and best of all the whole process takes under an hour (minus drying time).

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(Images: 1. MaryAnne Petrella; 2. The Greenists)