DIY Laser Cut Speakers: Using Plexiglas and Masonite

DIY Laser Cut Speakers: Using Plexiglas and Masonite

Range Govindan
Mar 31, 2009

I was pretty amazed when I saw this build. The fact of the matter is that not a lot of people have access to laser cutters. I was really impressed that this builder was able to use them and also use them well. The result is a spectacular set of computer speakers that must sound as great as they look. It's important that the knowledge of building electronics isn't lost to the big companies.

This is a set of homemade computer speakers that just look amazing. There is a lot of work that went into cutting them, assembling them and making the final product. They are supposed to sound a lot better than many line array speakers of the same cost. Sniper415 spent about $350 in parts to make these. They are made out of Masonite and wood veneer. It took about three weeks to make them. A lot of time was spent waiting around for the glue to dry. Sniper had access to a laser cutter at his work place, so he used it. He also had experience cutting Plexiglas and Masonite, which were both used in this build.

This is an amazing build, that required a lot of patience and skills to complete. These speakers look awesome. I especially like the Plexiglas front and the fact that the whole surface is made out of Masonite, covered lovingly with coats of veneer. See the full explanations and more photos here. [via Make, photos by Sniper415]

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