Make this Homemade Holiday Gift:
Leather Chevron Necklace

Homemade Holiday Gift Idea Exchange: Project #1

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Maker: Amanda Youngquist
Skill Level: Moderate
Time Required: 20 Minutes
Project Cost: $12 (for more than one necklace)
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Amanda was meandering through the local hardware store not too long ago and stumbled upon her new best friend: wood veneer. Together with some leather scraps and watercolor paints, she created this modern and all-together awesome geometric necklace for her sister. Here's how she did it:


  • Razor knife
  • Cutting board
  • Ruler or straight edge
  • Leather scrap (available at major craft stores)
  • Clothes iron
  • Drill with small bit
  • Iron-on wood veneer edge banding (available at hardware stores)
  • Wood stain or watercolor paints and paintbrush
  • Varnish (or clear nail polish)
  • Necklace chain
  • Large jump rings


  1. Measure and cut your wood veneer to the desired size/shape with the ruler and razor knife.
  2. Lay veneer pieces on top of leather (either smooth side out or suede side out).
  3. Iron veneer on to leather.
  4. Use ruler to cut the leather with the razor knife around the veneer pieces.
  5. Drill holes for jump rings.
  6. Stain or paint wood in desired pattern or finish.
  7. Varnish and allow to dry.
  8. Attach jump rings and necklace chain.
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Thanks to Amanda for sharing the Leather Chevron Necklace gift idea. Check out her blog, Those Possible Things for more of her creativity and style.

All this month, Apartment Therapy is featuring homemade gift ideas made and submitted by you, the readers. Check back every day for a new project.

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(Image credits: Amanda Yougquist)

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