DIY Little Red Door Baby Gate

The Girls with Glasses

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Baby proofing your house is often not the most aesthetic affair; temporary baby gates and cabinet locks are often plastic and very unattractive. If you know you'll need a gate for some time, though, you might consider installing a more "permanent" solution. And we love this tutorial for a little red door baby gate that looks beautiful while serving its purpose.

Brooke at The Girls with Glasses installed this gate by cutting a slatted door in half. The hardest part of the tutorial is cutting the door; everything else is pretty simple and easy if you have minimal wood working skills. Brooke chose to paint her door a beautiful red, but you could easily match your decor color if you wanted your gate to blend in more.

Do you have a good-looking alternative to plastic baby gates? Let us know in the comments!

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(Image credits: Brooke White)

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