DIY: Masking Tape Screen

DIY: Masking Tape Screen

Sep 18, 2008

This has to be one of the cleverest and cheapest window treatment ideas – creating a decorative window screen using masking tape. Our rental has very public front windows and we don't like to open the blinds up, which means missing out on the lovely morning sun. So we're very keen to try this, looks like they'd create beautiful shadows on the walls too.

[ Images from 'Patterns in Design, Art and Architecture' ]

These images are from a favourite inspiration book, 'Patterns in Design, Art and Architecture' and were created by textile artist Claudia Caviezel. You could try emulating these patterns or create your own. Using different widths of tape gives you more variety in line. The bonus of this idea is you can easily remove the tape if you get bored of it – try soaking it in Windex, vinegar or cooking oil, before scraping off to get rid of any residue.

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