DIY Month Inspiration: Reader Projects


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We've all got (at least) one project or job around the house that has been on the back burner too long...this February is the time to tackle it! Monday is the kickoff of our DIY month and contest where we'll be blogging good tools, tips and techniques and showing off reader projects across our entire family of sites. To start the inspiration for your own project (and hopefully your contest entry) take a look back at these five great reader entries from last year's DIY contest...

Shown above, left to right:

1) The "Cheesy but Strangely Appealing Velvet" Project

2) The "In Good Form" Project

3) The "Wretched to Retro" Project

4) The "I'm Bringing Sticky Back" Doggie Bed Project

5) The Upholstered Nightstand Project

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