(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Instead of giving your run of the mill birthday gifts this summer, we love the idea of creating something a bit more thoughtful like this Nature Explorer Set Pink and Green Mama's son gave a friend for his 6th birthday last year. Here's what she included:

• A backyard field guide that they created themselves in a three ring binder with information on local birds, insects, etc.

• A nature journal for recording observations

• Empty jars for collecting and viewing "specimens"

• A homemade leaf and flower press

• A couple of toys from the Discovery Store- bug marbles and a fossil collection

• a repurposed mini quiche holder for sorting rocks.

Everything was packaged together in a little backpack! What a great idea that also provides a child an activity throughout the summer. I'm sure the parent will appreciate less "stuff" and more "experience".

Via Pink and Green Mama.

(Image: Pink and Green Mama)