Memorial Day is almost here and it's time to start preparing. It's the unofficial start to summer and is traditionally celebrated outdoors with friends and family. Here are a few ideas for temporary spaces you could create to kick off your three-day weekend.

1. Make a tent on the beach as a home base where you can gather to get out of the sun and have a little privacy. Here are directions on how to build one yourself.

2. Have a garden or patio BBQ or dinner party in your backyard or snag a picnic table in the park. Here are some great table setting ideas to mull over.

3. Build a backyard movie theater. Throw down some blankets, cushions and pop some corn and you are set. Here are instructions on how to set it up.

4. Make it a camping weekend. You can even set up a makeshift kitchen for the perfect woodsy meals. Here's a checklist of how to do it and what to bring. Image via Apartment Therapy's Simple Outdoor Kitchens.

5. You can create a beautiful and festive party anywhere — you just need the right elements. Check out Sarah Rae's Summertime Shindig to get the low down on what you need.

For More Memorial Day Ideas Check out: An A-Z Memorial Day Weekend Guide To Entertaining.

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