DIY Pallet Sofa Inspiration

DIY Pallet Sofa Inspiration

Sarah Rae Smith
Jul 18, 2011

Will we ever get tired of things made out of discarded shipping material? Survey says, no! This sofa is a great alternative for those with awkward living spaces or small budgets! Are you daring enough to make your own sofa?

Although foam for a project like this isn't always cheap, spending $200 bucks for a custom piece that fits your home perfectly is a small price to pay when something similar in the retail world will easily push $1,000. It's a fun project that doesn't take long to construct and can easily be dismantled for easy transport — if you're a habitual relocater like I am!

It's also a fun idea to keep in mind for something smaller, although this demonstrates the ability to build a large piece, an oversize chair with just two pallets would be just as wonderful and would work well for smaller spaces. Would you ever build your own sofa? Let us know in the comments below!

Image: cuartoderecha via 2Modern