Decorative DIY Anti-Dust Phone Plugs, 4 Ways

Decorative DIY Anti-Dust Phone Plugs, 4 Ways

Taryn Williford
Feb 22, 2013

Just like a sofa can feel incomplete without pillows, or like a lady might feel naked without her earrings, I believe phones needs a little accessorizing to feel whole. After all, when you have the same phone as your roommate, your niece, and the lady who does your dry cleaning, you need a little something to separate your gear from the pack.

Cases are a great way to add a little personality to your phone. But what if you prefer to showcase your phone's sleek lines and carry it au naturale? Try an anti-dust plug! Anti-dust plugs snap into your phone's headphone jack to protect dust from getting inside your gear, but they also serve as an extra spot to show a little whimsy.

With an inexpensive bag of bare plastic plugs bought from eBay, Alyssa from Hello, Whimsy created four unique styles of phone plugs. They're each a little different—incorporating either geometric clay shapes, tiny plastic flowers, a variety of beads or a string and charm—but the idea is the same. Find something you like, and glue it on a plug.

Check out Hello, Whimsy for a full tutorial (and also how to make those awesome Geo Clay Beads in the first shot).

(Images: Hello, Whimsy)

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