DIY Pick Up Sticks

How To

We won't mention any names, but there's a woman we know who has such extreme manual dexterity that she can sew without even using a needle. Do you know what she attributes her dexterity to? Three words: pickup sticks. Wait, that's two words. Pick up sticks? Pick-up sticks? She can't spell very well. Anyway, we found a gorgeous tutorial to make your own! Click below for the link.

Holly of Chez Beeper Bebe made these cool pick up sticks and has an awesome tutorial on her blog. Is this woman talented or what? She even put some in her etsy shop if your to-make list is too long at the moment. Stop and browse around her blog for a while and you'll see that clearly she, too, has been a follower of the pick up sticks training regimen.

(Images: Chez Beeper Bebe)