DIY Pinecone Fire Starters

My Own Ideas

There are many things you can use as alternative fire starters, such as newspaper, tree sap, or even dryer lint, but none are quite as cute as these DIY pinecones!

Over her blog, My Own Ideas, designer Rachel Beyer crafted a set of pinecone fire starters to give away as wedding favors. I think they'd also make sweet hostess gits or dinner party favors, especially if you use them as place cards. So collect a few pinecones, grab some candle-making supplies, and get started on this super simple project!

Go to My Own Ideas for the full tutorial.

3 DIY Alternative Fire Starters
A Better Way to Start Fires: Firestones
Alternatives to Lighter Fluid: Biomass Firelighters

(Image: My Own Ideas)

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