DIY Plant Decor: 6 Unusual IKEA Products to Use as Planters

What's better than a new fabulous modern planter to spruce up a corner of your home's indoors or outdoors? An affordable modern planter you DIYed from a fun IKEA product you got on the cheap! We're loving the creative but totally doable beautiful planter projects made from IKEA products that were originally designed for other purposes, some classic ideas and some new and surprising.

Pictured above: The famed and fabulous turquoise R├ůSKOG cart is wonderfully versatile, proved by the beautiful planter project spotted on Succulents & Sunshine.

Wine racks like IKEA's VURM aren't just handy for storing your favorite bottles of vino. As proven by this project on Curbly, you can make a pretty awesome indoor herb garden, too.

Love this sweet re-purposing of a glass hanging BASISK pendant light shade into a planter, spotted on Jade and Fern.

Another cute ceiling light to planter project, this time found on Ikea Hackers. Not sure if this light is available anymore, but we think the more important lesson to take away from this is that if you're feeling the itch to update a hanging light in your house but don't want to waste a good fixture, you might be able to reuse it as a planter quite successfully (and feel better about upgrading to a new light!)

Originally designed for bathroom toiletries and storage, IKEA's DRAGAN bamboo boxes are affordable and modern. And A Pumpkin & A Princess spent a little time transforming it into a cute planter.

This is an old project, but so delightful we had to include it again. Spotted on Ikea Hackers, this VARIERA plastic bag holder turned into a planter (especially great for folks who live in cities where plastic bags have been banned!) is fun and energetic.

Have you repurposed an unusual IKEA product into a fabulous planter? Share your secrets!

(Image credits: Succulents & Sunshine; Curbly; Jade and Fern; Ikea Hackers; A Pumpkin & A Princess; Ikea Hackers)