Building a Simple DIY Play Table

Building a Simple DIY Play Table

Beth Callaghan
Feb 14, 2013

A play table is a great resource for all kinds of toys, like trains, LEGO, blocks, cars or miniature cities. With something so large, though, it can be tough to find a pre-made table with dimensions that fit into your space. If you have some rudimentary carpentry skills, you could build your own with these instructions from The Geodesic Sphere.

Scott from The Geodesic Sphere designed this table for his son when he realized a standard play table wouldn't fit the Plan Toys Eco Town he loved. And if you can use a power drill, you can build this table, too, since it really only requires drilling holes and screwing pieces together. Adjust the dimensions to a size that works for your home, and you're on your way! Customize with paint, contact paper, decoupage... but don't go too crazy. Your kid is waiting to play on that thing!

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(Image: Scott Lawrence, The Geodesic Sphere)

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