DIY Playhouse Tablecloth: Transform Your Dining Room Table!

DIY Playhouse Tablecloth: Transform Your Dining Room Table!

Sarah Dobbins
Jan 28, 2013

What a clever idea! Around here, our makeshift forts and playhouses take up a lot of couch cushions, blankets, and floor space. They also have a way of slowly expanding to fill an entire room. So I love this neat and tidy version of a playhouse that is simple, compact, and best of all, is easily set up and taken down!

Kate from Centsational Girl spotted this tablecloth playhouse for sale, and set out to make her own. She simply measured her table, stitched together some fabric to fit the top and sides, and cut out some doors and windows. She even added some sweet little curtains to complete the "house" look. Such a sweet and simple idea, and not too terribly involved — I can see myself tackling this on a rainy Saturday afternoon without too much fuss. I also love how you can just leave it up, or of course pack it away in a flash if you need to.

See more photos and details at Centsational Girl.

(Image: Kate from Centsational Girl)

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