DIY Playmobil Clock

DIY Playmobil Clock

Nancy Mitchell
May 24, 2013

I stumbled across this Playmobil timepiece on the French blog De Rien, Madame. It's a clever and super easy DIY way to reinvent the clock. 

Using tiny people instead of numbers on a clock presents a lot of interesting possibilities — you could accessorize them to represent activities you usually do at certain times of day (sleeping, waking up, going to work, cooking dinner, etc). This blogger used an IKEA box lid and Playmobil children (because the adults were too large to fit in the box), but we think this project would be great with Lego minfigures as well. 

Check out the full instructions on De Rien, Madame. (Link is in French, but Google Translate can help.) 

(Image: De Rien, Madame)

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