DIY Cardboard Ships to Sail the Seas

DIY Cardboard Ships to Sail the Seas

Mari Richards
May 20, 2013

Everyone knows cardboard DIY projects are at the top of the stylish crafter's list of favorite projects. I have quite a collection gathered on Pinterest, just waiting for the right moment and the right box. These cardboard ships are a perfect rainy afternoon activity!

Created by Lorraine "LiEr" Teigland of Ikat Bag, these cardboard ships were inspired by reading The Chronicles of Narnia with her kids. Just grab some cardboard, a hot glue gun, and let your kids customize with crayons, markers, etc. I think the project is brilliant in its simplicity - but manages to look just like a ship should look. 

Head over to Ikat Bag for the full tutorial, and you can download the ship's patterns, too.

(Images: Ikat Bag)

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