DIY Project Idea: Create a Queen-Size Headboard for $45

DIY Project Idea: Create a Queen-Size Headboard for $45

Dabney Frake
Apr 3, 2014
(Image credit: Jason Shattuck)

Can you guess what Jason used to create this large headboard for his bed? A few clues: it was very inexpensive, it's made out of wood, and you can buy it at any home improvement store.

(Image credit: Jason Shattuck)

If you guessed a hollow core door, you're totally correct. (Buy one that doesn't have the doorknob hole cut out.) Since it's already the right size for a queen size bed, the hardest part of this project is figuring how to get a large door home from the hardware store.

If you want to follow Jason's lead, mask off and paint a base layer in the area you choose. Let it dry for an hour, then use a paint marker or pen to create a design. Jason purposely didn't go neat, so his chevron pattern has an almost sketch-like quality.

Think you would try something like this yourself?

Thanks for the idea Jason!

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