DIY Project Idea to Try: Make a Brass Swing Light

Hello Lidy

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We've shown you how to make lamps before, but this project caught my eye and I'm in love with it. This brass swing arm light, from Hello Lidy, is so polished, modern, and pretty — I want two for each side of my bed.

Lidy and her husband share the parts lists and instructions for making this light over at Hello Lidy, so head there if you're interested in building a similar brass lamp yourself. The only trouble spot I see is the need to bend the tube, but if you already own the right tool, or can borrow one, you're ahead of the game. Otherwise, the parts add up to about $50 (plus shipping if needed), which makes for a pretty affordable lamp.

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Many thanks to Lidy for sharing this great tutorial with us!

(Images: Hello Lidy)

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