DIY Project Ideas: Easy Cloud Crafts

DIY Project Ideas: Easy Cloud Crafts

Theresa Gonzalez
Mar 27, 2014

I recently created these cloud backgrounds for an "April Showers" photo shoot I did with Nicole Hill Gerulat, and shared how I made them on her site. Below is a link, complete with the cloud template, which you can use for almost anything (rugs, cork board, stencils, etc.). For more fun ideas to add charm to a nursery or any room, I lined up a few other cloud crafts for you to tackle (for foreign-language sites, use Google Translate, or simply follow the photo how-tos).

Pictured above:

  1. Paper Clouds,
  2. Tray, Carnet Parisiens
  3. Mobile, DIY Enthusiasts
  4. Wall Stencil, Mer Mag
  5. Potholders, Fabrickaz
  6. Cork Board, PaperNStitch

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