DIY Project Ideas for Fabric Furniture Facelifts (Beyond Reupholstery)

Upholstery is a skill that takes time and practice, but it isn't your only option for sprucing up fabric furniture. Here are a handful of ways to embellish what you've got, for a lot less work.

If you have a plain upholstered headboard, embellish it with some strips of fabric or wide ribbon. Courtesy of Patchwork and Co. (in image above).

Splattered bleach looks great on this chair from Country Living. Think there's a way to do this after the fabric is already on the chair, versus as yardage?

Stencil a pattern onto existing upholstery fabric. Paint and Pattern used chalk paint.

Sew a slipcover like this simple one from Daily Fix.

Add nailhead details to the edges of upholstered headboards, or in a more elaborate pattern to chair backs. Amy added a West Elm-inspired pattern to hers.

Try your hand at painting, like the large watercolor-like flowers on this chair from Midwest Living.

And, as we featured recently, you can also paint the actual upholstery fabric. Sibylle of Funkytime assures us it holds up well after use.

(Image credits: Patchwork & Co.; Country Living; Paint & Pattern; Daily Fix; Amy's Casablanca; Midwest Living; Funkytime)