It’s a story as old as Halloween itself. The day after trick or treating, the candy’s flying and the wrappers are everywhere. Gather them up and you have the base materials for countless DIY projects. These could easily veer into Tackytown, but with a restrained hand, you can make fun and creative things, especially for the kiddos and for decorations. Here are ten favorites.

1. This curtain from Luisa Caldwell is made from thread and old wrappers, and would make an excellent party backdrop. A close-up photo is here.
2. Turn this year’s wrappers into next year’s candy bowl. From Parade.
3. Aunt Peaches turned an old Snickers wrapper into a new gift box which would make any candy-lover go bonkers with glee.
4. The holidays are coming, which makes it a perfect time to make some gum wrapper chains and use for napkin rings. Replayground shows you how.
5. Gum wrapper chains also make for really great Christmas garland that you can use for years upon years. From The New New.

6. A candy-covered switch plate is a sweet (hah!) idea for a kids room. This one is from Etsy, but if you're feeling cratsy you could create one yourself.
7. Martha’s team created these repeat patterned buckets.
8. Candy wrappers are a natural material for any origami. The Origami Resource Center shows you how to make all kinds.
9. This coiled vase was made by Saved By Love Creations, from a combination of candy wrappers and magazines.
10. Try turning an inexpensive fake pumpkin into a yearly decoration. From The V Spot.
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