DIY Project: Michelle's Super Sized Sunburst Mirror

Apartment Therapy reader Michelle sent us in the link to a wall art project that she put together for her lovely dark blue-walled dining room. Instead of going somewhat small and subtle (like her inspiration project), she went super sized and used a metallic finish for maximum effect and drama — and it works. Check out the finished piece below the jump…

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Michelle blogged all about the project on Ten June - here is what she had to say about the scale: And as you can see, I just about doubled the size of the sticks as compared to Janell's mirror- I knew I wanted the sunburst mirror to go in the dining room and, therefore, it had a lot of space to fill. So, I decided: go big or go home! I know that I need more art on the walls to help balance out the dramatic mirror (and I need to change out that light fixture! I'm working on it!), but I think this is a good start.

Lesson learned: Don't be shy when you DIY - if big and bold is what your room needs, go for it!

For more photos and info on how to DIY: Go Big or Go Home | Ten June

Thanks, Michelle!

Images: Michelle/Ten June

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