DIY Project Trend: Donuts with Pink Icing & Sprinkles

As DIY trends go, this has got to be: a) one of the most specific; and b) one of the most fun. Because I'm seeing a lot of donuts. And not just any donuts. Donuts with pink icing and multi-colored sprinkles on top. They are colorful, cute, and really playful. Take a look at these ten favorites!


1. A sewn cushion from A Beautiful Mess

2. IKEA rug hack from The House That Lars Built

3. Sweet summer shades from Studio DIY

4. Fun party balloons, also by Studio DIY

5. Do-it-yourself garland from The House That Lars Built


6. DIY cork coasters from Henry Happened

7. Donut-shaped pinata from Studio DIY

8. Paper donut gift boxes from Minieco

9. Painted floppy hat from Studio DIY

10. Donut ornaments, also from (again) Studio DIY

(Image credits: A Beautiful Mess; The House That Lars Built; Studio DIY; Studio DIY; The House That Lars Built; Henry Happened; Studio DIY; Minieco; Studio DIY ; Studio DIY)

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