DIY Project: Turn Your Ugly Bridesmaid Dresses into Pretty Pillows

Why are bridesmaid dresses often so out of fashion that they are usually found in the deep recesses of closets never to be seen again after that one day they were worn? Why are they destined to be one-wear wonders? While I can't offer you the answer to these existential questions, I can show you a way to put that dress to good use.

After cleaning out her closet, Samantha Baldwin of the SF Examiner decided to make lemons out of lemonade...or at least pillows out of taffeta. Samantha has posted a helpful instructions and a great slideshow at SF Examiner: Make a ruffled rose pillow from a bridesmaid dress to help you through this DIY project. So don't fret, even if you are always the bridesmaid and never the bride, at least you'll have some snazzy pillows.

(Image credit: Samantha Baldwin / SF Examiner)