DIY Projects With Plasti Dip Synthetic Rubber Coating

DIY Projects With Plasti Dip Synthetic Rubber Coating

Gregory Han
Mar 23, 2009

Jeanine over at AT DC posted a great DIY project a month or so ago about coating some a white coral shaped hook with Plasti Dip, a flexible coating that mimics rubber when completely dried. It's the sort of material that gets the creative DIY juices flowing, as we're now imagining dipping our collection of assorted collection of pine cones and/or shells with Plasti Dip and using them as decorative paper weights. We loved these origami paper cranes dipped in the substance, alongside the idea of making your own low cost version of Tobias Wong's rubber dipped chandelier.

Plasti Dip is the sort of product that probably gets people over-enthused about covering things (we remember having this problem as 12 year old when we first got our hands on fleckstone spray paint), but there are probably plenty of interesting thrift store, garage sale and other knick knacks that could see new life neutralized, modernized and redone with a coat of Plasti Dip. Perhaps the rubber dipped clock or bust we've always fancied will finally come to fruition.

Anyone out there have a completed project using Plasti Dip to add to the list of uses?

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